Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes (MMO Anodes), also called dimensionally stable anodes, are a type of Impressed Current Protection Anode, consisting of rare earth oxides coated onto a titanium substrate.  We are able to supply the MMO anode material available in rod, wire, tubular, ribbon or mesh form.   MMO anodes work well in aggressive solutions or other difficult applications and our anodes are performance-tested through DNV accelerated life tests according to latest NACE standards.

Originally developed for the electrolytic production of chlorine and hypochlorites, the exceptional stability of MMO coated titanium anodes have been used for almost 30 years and are now commonplace in cathodic protection applications.

MMO Anode

MMO coated titanium anodes are used in various environments such as seawater, brackish water, fresh water, carbon backfill, and concrete. MMO coating incredibly prolongs the life of the anode and provides excellent chemical corrosion resistance, especially in acid conditions. MMO coating has an extremely low consumption rate, with a Faradic wear rate of approximately 0.5 – 1.0 micrograms of coating per Ampere hour.   As a result of this low consumption rate, the metal dimensions remain nearly constant during the design life of the anode, which provides a consistently low resistance anode.

With over 30 years experience in manufacturing anodes we believe that our technical expertise is matched by our production capability, providing our customers with the highest quality products and a first-rate service.

MMO anodes are specially formulated to withstand the simultaneous effects of oxygen and chlorine, which make them ideal solutions in dilute sea water or fresh water containing low chloride levels. They are are also highly durable in acidic media and therefore often used in deep underground applications.

Benefits of using MMO Anodes are

  • Strong resistance in conditions impacted by both oxygen and chlorine
  • Various product compositions available depending on application
  • Excellent resistance in acidic media
  • Durability
tubular mmo anodes
You can download our MMO Anodes technical sheet here.