As well as over 75 years’ experience of casting 5 tonne aluminium pieces for engineering castings, Specialist Castings also have extensive Engineering experience of casting specialist ferrous alloys, large bronze castings and exotic alloys such as cobalt, stainless or duplex grades.

With experience in Engineering castings that includes the Scottish Parliament building and bomb proof castings for the GB Post Office, aluminium propellers for underwater vehicles, medical gantry arms for treating cancers, or parts for nuclear installations, we have the knowledge and skills to cover a very wide range of requirements. We use our pattern and mould making facilities to refine, develop and create product designs that meet our customers’ needs.

oil and gas castings

Specialising in short lead times and with extensive machining capabilities and casting solidification software, we are able to offer completely new and bespoke casting. Feel free to contact us with any of your enquiries, we would welcome a real casting challenge.