We are highly experienced in producing high-integrity, quality castings for the oil and gas industry, supplying products ranging from pump casings, valves, impellers and compressor casings.  Our bespoke engineered castings in this industry are capable of meeting required pressure-retaining standards and high performance demands.

Equipment and components for the oil and gas industry need to be durable and manufactured from high specification materials that must pass rigorous product verification and testing processes.   We work with a number of high profile operators in this industry and understand the importance of demanding machining tolerances, accurate lead times and timely delivery.  We have the necessary equipment, processes and quality standards to produce castings and components for this demanding industry.  From engineered concept to finished product, we have a longstanding reputation for producing the most complex, high quality engineered castings for the oil and power industry.

Our tried and tested manufacturing expertise allows us to work with our clients from design through to final assembly including CAD design, rapid prototyping, precision-casting, machining, fabrication and assembly, testing and delivery.

oil and gas castings