We have extensive experience in providing high-integrity and precision-engineered castings for the power industry.

Our past product range includes large castings for major nuclear energy components, as well as castings for gas and steam turbines and generators for wide-ranging power plants.

Our flexibility and professionalism, combined with our total commitment to quality, has made us the trusted suppliers for some of the energy industries leading companies.

We are particularly proud to play our part in the manufacture of machine components within the renewable power industry, as these projects have served to enhance power whilst also reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

power station castings

With our high quality sand casting technique we are ale to produce castings of any size, therefore, being able to respond to any enquiry by the power and energy industry. We believe that our flexibility and professionalism, combined with our high quality products and service has made us a trusted supplier for some of the leading companies of the power industry.