We are proud to announce the launch of a joint venture in America with our anodes partner Yuxi.

We  have formed a JV company with manufacturing facilities both in China and a U.S. company in Texas that promotes, stores and distributes these joint-venture products.

The factories in China produce Magnesium, aluminum, zinc and MMO anodes, in addition to cathodic protection accessories.  Following over 7 years of investment and technical development with Yuxi Ningbo, our JV operations own all of these foundries outright, with considerable input in developing these foundries to become the highest quality foundries producing C.P. anodes.  Yuxi Ningbo is now the largest CP company in China and the first to be listed on the Beijing Investors Exchange.”


2014- Formed agreement with Ningbo Yuxi to share technical information on the production of anodes

2016-Set up formal joint venture with Ningbo Yuxi with USA office.